Seroquel For Sleep

seroquel for sleepThe same medications, such as Seroquel, that are used to treat conditions such as bipolar and schizophrenia are also being prescribed for treating insomnia. This is because it is very effective at helping people get to sleep. Although it  actually wasn’t made to treat insomnia, it has helped many people with their sleep problems.

Chronic sleep deprivation can cause a wide array of problems for anyone suffering from it, and it may not always be clear that a lack of sleep is the problem. Sometimes patients focus on other conditions when visiting their doctor, rather than reporting their insomnia.

Some of the conditions sleep deprivation can cause can include, increased risk of car accidents, less focus and concentration, decreased job performance and there is also more risk of suicide. Trying to cope with the stresses of everyday living while getting less sleep can lead to serious problems if not treated by a doctor.

Seroquel is usually prescribed at a low dose for sleeping problems. Sometimes it can be in combination with other antipsychotics, depending if the patient has other conditions such as depression or anxiety. Seroquel is not addictive, unlike many other sleep medications. The lower dose that is prescribed for insomnia means that the side effects should be less significant, compared to the higher dosages for bipolar of schizophrenia.

It has been reported that the effects of the medication the next morning can still be in a persons system and make them drowsy for a while. If this is the case it is recommended to go back to the doctor and adjust the times when taking Seroquel so that it has worn off at the right time and is not having any effect the next morning. So, there may be an adjustment period when first taking Seroquel for sleeping problems.

Drowsiness can also occur from other medications if they are taken with Seroquel. So it is very important to speak to a doctor to find out the effects that any other medication may have as well. Any other medication that is being taken before being prescribed Seroquel should be reported to a doctor, so that all factors can be taken into consideration.

Seroquel can be very helpful for sleep problems, especially if tiredness is effecting everyday life. Feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep is vital for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Talking to your medical practitioner should be the first move to make when insomnia is proving to be a problem.


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